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Building Construction and Renovation Services

New Building Construction Services

We provide concept-to-completion services for the construction of new buildings. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced construction industry personnel to execute the project from designing, planning, estimation, execution and handing over. The design and execution of the project are carried out with the objective of fully meeting the requirements of the client and complying with the regulations of the statutory bodies. The project is executed and completed within the stipulated time and budget while fully meeting the quality standards desired by the client.

The services we provide for new building construction include:

  • Designing
    Our team of architects and designers are well-experienced, highly skilled and brimming with new ideas to conjure designs that are unique in both traditional and modern concepts while at the same time being true to the requirements of our clients. The recognition that we have earned because of this design expertise keeps us motivated to explore more fascinating designs on our future projects.
  • Planning
    Once the design is approved by the client, we enter the planning phase of the project wherein our team of experienced planning engineers work with the client to formulate the project specifications, budget and execution period. We take utmost care and use our skills to formulate a plan that fits perfectly with the requirements and means of the client. We then proceed to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals for the project.
  • Estimation
    Once the plan is formulated and the approvals obtained, our estimation engineers proceed to prepare the detailed cost estimates based on the project design and plan. On approval of the estimate, our execution team takes over the project.
  • Execution
    The construction phase is the most critical phase of the project. We bring in our extensive experience in construction of new homes to ensure that all aspects necessary for the successful execution are in place on day one of the project execution period. Our teams of engineers, supervisors and workers will give their very best to execute the project to the required quality and complete it within the stipulated time. We have teams to handle all aspects of the construction of the project.

Renovation Services

Older homes have to be renovated to ensure that these continue to be safe to occupy, is suitably modified for its present and future use and have the latest facilities and fittings in place of outdated and worn out ones.

Our team of designers, technicians and craftsmen who works under the expert guidance of our engineers and supervisors have the skills and experience required to design and execute highly complex and intricate renovation works. We have executed works in highly demanding site conditions and have come up with bespoke and innovative solutions to suit these while meeting client requirements. We have in-depth knowledge of the latest building materials and solutions available in the market.

Our range of renovation services include the following:

  • Civil works modifications
  • Facade works – aluminium, steel, glass, GRP, etc.
  • Flooring works – ceramic tiles, granite, marble, wooden floors, etc.
  • Metal works – steel, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, etc.
  • Woodworks – doors, windows, wardrobes, kitchens, etc.
  • Electrical and plumbing works
  • Air-conditioning works
  • Landscape and paving works

We have gained specialist experience in renovation works by executing a wide variety of projects for clients with diverse requirements. Our clients have appreciated the quality of our works and our commitment to execute the works in the demanding conditions while being within cost and time constraints.