Building and Renovation Services


New Building Construction Services

We provide concept-to-completion services for the construction of new buildings. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced construction industry personnel to execute the project from conceptualisation to completion and handing over. The design and execution of the project are carried out with the objective of fully meeting the requirements of the client and complying with the regulations of the statutory bodies. The project is executed and completed within the stipulated time and budget while fully meeting the quality standards desired by the client.

The services we provide for new building construction include:

  • Establishing the requirements of the client for constructing the building
  • Search and evaluation of sites for suitability of the project
  • Project feasibility studies and preparation of documents for project financing, if required
  • Concept design of the project incorporating the client requirements
  • Obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies
  • Detailed design and construction documentation
  • Construction of the building and handing over

Renovation Services

Renovations are mostly carried out for three main reasons.

  • As buildings age due to continuous use, the structure and other elements of the building are subjected to intense wear and tear and would require to be renovated to bring it back to optimum use.
  • The design features of the building may have become outdated and would have to be modernised.
  • The purpose for which the building is put to use may have changed.

Our team of designers, technicians and craftsmen who works under the expert guidance of our engineers and supervisors have the skills and experience required to design and execute highly complex and intricate renovation works. We have executed works in highly demanding site conditions and have come up with bespoke and innovative solutions to suit these while meeting client requirements. We have in-depth knowledge of the latest building materials and solutions available in the market.

Our range of renovation services include the following:

  • Civil works modifications
  • Facade works – aluminium, steel, glass, GRP, etc.
  • Flooring works – ceramic tiles, granite, marble, wooden floors, etc.
  • Metal works – steel, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, etc.
  • Woodworks – doors, windows, wardrobes, kitchens, etc.
  • Electrical and plumbing works
  • Air-conditioning works
  • Landscape and paving works

We have gained specialist experience in renovation works by executing a wide variety of projects for clients with diverse requirements. Our clients have appreciated the quality of our works and our commitment to execute the works in the demanding conditions while being within cost and time constraints.